CHANEL “Diamond Forever” Handbag


CHANEL is out to create the most extravagant handbag ever. The “Diamond Forever” handbag by CHANEL is made with the most precious materials that represent true quality. The handbag is created with alligator skin which is farmed and treated with a matte finish.

The CHANEL “C’s” are encrusted with a hefty 334 diamonds ( a total of 3.56 carats) set in 18-carat white gold. The cost of the CHANEL handbag will do damage to your wallet considering the price is $260,150 and is limited to only 13 units. 

Meaghan Mahoney,  Editor of the handbag and fashion review site says, “A handbag [such as] the Chanel Diamond Forever bag is more of a collector’s item than something you use on a daily basis,” she says. “Like an exquisite car or a rare painting, it’s the limited availability and high demand that make this handbag more valuable.” 


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