Armani Store On Fifth Avenue Gets Designed By Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksa


The Armani store on Fifth Avenue in New York has gotten a whole new attraction. As soon as you enter, you will notice the staircase that connects to the first three floors of the two buildings between 5th avenue and the 56th street. This Armani stores completes the trilogy of the Armani Stores designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for the famous designer.

Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas said: The building that incorporates Armani/5th Avenue holds a very important place in the history of architecture because its facade is one of the first examples of the International Style. When one is dealing with such a cultural milestone, one must always bear in mind that the exterior is totally New York, while the interior should have its own identity. A reflection of the flair and aesthetic values that define the Giorgio Armani style. The grand staircase is the focal point, an exciting sculptural feature which connects all the different levels that accommodate the Armani universe range by range. Innovative in both layout and content, Armani/5th Avenue is the first concept store in which all the Armani products are presented in a single space, where the same design has been adopted throughout: the subtle colours and restrained shapes emphasis the value of the product.


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