Russell Simmons Launches American Classics For Walmart


Russell Simmons has teamed up with Walmart to market to create a new men’s line called American Classics which will be exclusively sold at Walmart. According to the press release, American Classics will be featured in over 10% of Walmart stores which is about 350 stores and is also available for purchase on the official Walmart website as well. The direction of the line is similar to Russell’s Argyle Culture brand but at a much more affordable price. Simmons’ American Classics line will be priced between $9.99 and $29, with about 80% of the clothes at $15 or less and is aimed at 25-to-50-year-old men.

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  1. Nobody who adheres to the “Upscale Swagger” image would step foot in WalMart. Nobody with knowledge of business, a feeling of responsibility for the environment nor any self respect would support such a company.
    Shame on you Russell Simmons for cheapening the entertainment industry to make a few bucks.
    Shame on you Upscale Swagger for lowering your standards to include this.
    We have style. We have integrity. This is not our bag.

  2. I semi-agree with T-Dot.
    Personally, I don’t see nothing wrong with this post but, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe some people should stop taking it so seriously.

  3. And let’s remember, there’s a lot of kids and young adults out there who are only able to aspire to an upscale swagger. This gives those guys a chance to have the look at a price they can afford.


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