Brad Pitt Puts His Malibu Home On The Market


Back in 2005, Brad bought the ocean-front property in Malibu for a cool 8 Million, but after splitting with Jennifer Aniston, the home is reportedly listed for sale for $18 million. Brad is said to have spent millions in renovations and installing a swimming pool and tennis court. The home offers astonishing views of the tree-lined gardens and ocean waves. Brad and Angelina have said they rather spend their downtime at their 35-bedroom mansion in the south of France due to the . This won’t make much of a difference for Brad since he owns a number of homes in California. The couple also have homes in New Orleans, Cambodia, and Dubai.





Images: FadedYouthBlog

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  1. Wow. Nice place. I’m going to go back to my 900 sq.ft. apartment that I can barely afford after working 12 hours today.

    I’m very happy for the rich folk.


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