18 thoughts on “New Music: Day 26 – Stadium Music”

  1. I freakin loveeeeeeeee this song…i wish you guys nothing but the best i can not wait for the CD to come out i will definitely go get it…….

  2. This song is what I am talking about! I can tell all the guys voice. Man ya’ll doing it. Pls get it together. What God has put together let no man put assunder!

    From your girl from Freeport, GB, Bahamas.

  3. This is my ish man fo relz. I knew when they were recording this in the studio it was prob gonna be my fav song out of the whole album which I will be gettin. This will be my baby’s ringtone.

  4. I love love love the song!!! vocals are tight!! harmony is tight!! blending is tight!! omg day 26 did there thing on this one right here!!

  5. stadium music is an understatement for the title of this song. It should have been
    VICIOUS!!!! kimist

  6. yep! this one is banging! damn i’m mad i’m just getting put on! this should have been a big hit! gonna get to pumping this one asap!

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