Kanye West Is On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

by Upscale Swagger on January 22, 2009


Kanye West makes the cover of the February issue of Vibe Magazine.

Kanye on being labeled as a violent person
I haven’t done anything violent. They make it seem like I actually went and hit the paparazzi. I haven’t. I was restrained. I’m good at restraining myself from committing violent acts. I know how to control my temper. That one paparazzo made it a bigger deal. I just put my hand up and he felt like he had more right to my personal space than I did. I put my hand up to stop him from shooting me.

Kanye on 808’s being his best album
I do think it’s my best album to date. No, I actually know this is my best album to date. Do I think it will be my best album ever? No, Ill improve. Do I think there are mistakes in it? Yes. There has to be. I’m a human being. But I think it surpasses Graduation. These 12 tracks are going to resonate more than any 12 tracks of any album this year.

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