Jennifer Aniston Gets Sexy On The Cover Of GQ Magazine


Jennifer Aniston bares it all for the January issue of GQ Magazine. Aniston is shot only wearing a Tie, Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers. The issue goes on stands December 23.



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  1. jennifer aniston is gorgeous. she’s one of the only celebrities that can have photo’s like this on a magazine and still have millions of girls respect her. i have so much respect for her, especially after everything she went through with brad. she is extremely talented, beautiful and still seems to be down to earth. she is by far one of my favorites.

  2. no she is not^. the fact she would reveal herself like that is ridiculous…but her choice. she is hot, but as a 40 year old you would think that she would have learned what respect for your body is. she is obviously not ready to step away from the spotlight

  3. The very fact a body like this belongs to a 40 year old woman says all about her respect for it. And the fact she would reveal herself “like that” (ever been to a beach? try getting out sometimes) means her mind is just as healthy as her physique. At least as long as it doesn’t happen in Iran.


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