Mariah Carey & Her Demands

EXCLUSIVE: A sexy Mariah Carey seen in downtown Tribeca ready to

Mariah Carey has some pretty high-class demands when it comes to booking her for events. I’m sure it’s rough not living her everyday lavish lifestyle but with these demands it may be hard for people to actually book her for events in today’s time. Mariah was scheduled to make an appearance to the World Music Awards where she was set to receive the Special Achievements award. To get Mariah there wasn’t anywhere near cheap, Mariah had requested some pretty high demands like $156,000 private jet transport and of course she needed to stay in the best hotel room available so she stayed in a $15,000 per night penthouse for two nights at Hotel de Paris. 

It’s understandable why Mariah Carey needs to charter a whole private jet because she travels with her entourage of 15 stylists and personal assistants. When at the Hotel de Paris, Mariah was given VIP Treatment where renowned chef Alan Ducasse cooked her a private dinner, because apparently the food at the five star hotel just wasn’t good enough. She also requested that Ducasse stay and teach her new husband some cooking lessons. For all these demands, she was only going to be on stage for 15 minutes to accept the Special Achievements Award she was being given.  Mariah is a true DIVA!


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