Picture Perfect: Jada Pinkett Smith Covers Jet Mag

Jada Pinkett Smith is on the cover of October’s issue of Jet Magazine.

Petite powerhouse Jada Pinkett Smith may be the wife of actor and entertainer Will Smith, but there’s far more to this talented than meets the eye. In addition to her most important roles as mother and wife, she also wears many hats‹including writer, singer, producer and director to showcase her artistic diversity. As a Black woman I’ve really been trying to craft a line in my creative life to show that we can do anything, she says about her outlets of creative expression. I feel like that’s an important element to show because people will oftentimes try to keep us Œin our place, she told Jet magazine. Now that acting for the Smith children are becoming more frequent, Pinkett Smith vows that there will be no box-office competition in her household. If this is really going to be our family business, we’re not doing that. Will was already [premiering] on Willow’s [premiere day] for American Girl with Hancock and I was like, Baby, for real? We have to stay united. You can’t allow the business to come between family.

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