Porsche Panarema Expected To Drop In 2010?

Porsche is totally going in a different direction with their latest model in the works. The Porsche Panamera is the next model up in Porsche’s line-up and so far all we know is, it will be equipped with a V-8 engine and it’s expected to drop in 2010. Not very much information but Porsche has said they are aiming to sell 20,000 of this model annually.

7 thoughts on “Porsche Panarema Expected To Drop In 2010?”

  1. I’ve owned several porsches, but this one is so sleek in design I would definitely like to take a test drive.
    For the father who’s wife keeps telling him to get rid of the two seater, we don’t need it, well this looks like a great excuse to keep a porsche. Bet my son would like it.

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