Bentley & Stockinger Build Custom Safes

When your sitting on top of wealth, it’s extremely important that you keep your money safe. Bentley might have something for you. Bentley has created a luxury safe in collaboration with Stockinger, an exclusive German safe manufacturer, for all your sentimental belongings. Bentley and Stockinger have created two safes which are called Continental and Arnage coming after the luxury models that Bentley produces. Stockinger and Bentley wanted to make sure that these safes would be the most safest, organized, and equisite. The safes are built in with many security mechanisms such as built in alarms and GPS trackers.

The Arnage is perfect for all your designer watches, it was specifically designed for watches and includes watch winders. The Continental is your safety storage spot for all your diamonds and precious jewelry. Both safes come in a range of stand Bentley colors, 10 interior leather hides, and 3 wood veneer panels.

I’m sure you were expecting this but Bentley and Stockinger have decided to make the safes extremely exclusive making only 200 of each model available to the public. Currently at the moment, you’ll have to order it through Stockinger if you want this 

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