Tyler Perry Launches 34th Street Films.

Filmmaker Tyler Perry has plans to expand his brand by branching into a new production company called 34th Street Films. The new production company will offer projects by other filmmakers under his brand. Perry makes this move because he’s trying to broaden his audience by providing the work of a variety of filmmakers who produce a wider range of topics and ideas.

34th Street Films will work out of a Los Angeles office and report to Perry’s headquarters in Atlanta.

“He’s looking to work with other producers,” Lionsgate president of production Mike Paseornek told the Hollywood Reporter last month. “I have producers coming out of the woodwork saying to me, ‘Do you think this would be right for Tyler?’ That’s going to be exciting to see, with different producers, different writers, different directors and different subject matter.”

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are starting a new company. My brother Anthony Bodden is a writer and marketing guru..lol
    He helped market two of your movies.
    I think you two would make a great team

    I am a singer and actress. Maybe I can play in one of your films.. Sincerely Julai Bodden Fraoley


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