Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept


Looking at the new Ferrari V4 Motorcycle concept all I can say is Wow! The new Ferrari V4 superbike was designed by Amir Glink. I can tell this bike will be super fast since it’s packed with a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo! The hand controls are from a F-16 fighter jet and buttons are from a Formula 1 race car.

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  2. yeah an Enzo engine…you might be able to cut a passenger car in half with it and still live!!!Or not know the differance!

  3. haha looks like my humidifier…
    i dunno these bikes only look good in scifi movies. Now in the real world…like i said, humidifier…plus looks like i could slip off the seat any minute

  4. Is this the new Ferrari DILDO??
    It looks more like Ferrari 438’s shit. The galactic asshole who designed it must be living in a imaginary Star Wars Era, moreover, the cosmic shitbomb who approved this gigantic piece of dildo shit is a bigger fool. I wish them luck fro whatever they have in mind, coz I am curious to see the future of ferrari on 2 wheels. I could have designed better

  5. this is a very atrective bike this bike wheel is very gripfull it is a so beautifull and nice bike i desire i drive this bike minimum one time in my life i love fararri compony i want jobe for fararri company as a anginiour ofissor

  6. The only word coming out of my mouth is “WOW!” With hand
    controls from an F-16 fighter jet and buttons from a Forumla 1 race
    car —doesn’t get more hi-tech than that.

  7. This Bike is awesome! , but i think it’s too luxurious if you buy one. But i think you will be dragging eyes in the road and might cause an accident lmao, ^_^

    • somebody with a username as stupid as yours more likely would be lying about being rich then actually being rich. you’re a very stupid, trash person. trash people like you are the ones responsible for holding back this world. kill yourself and do society a favor


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