T.I. Takes “Whatever You Like” To The Top Of Billboard

T.I. recently set a record coming from the success of his first single of his latest single “Whatever You Like”, which made the biggest jump to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. This will be the first time T.I. has hit big on Billboard in such a short amount of time coming from the #71 spot surging up to #1 in it’s third week.

“I guess people like the song — I hope that’s what accounts for it,” T.I. told Billboard.com Friday in Detroit, where he was making a pair of community service appearances to speak to local youth. It’s part of 1,000 hours he’s required to serve in conjunction with his 2007 federal weapons conviction. “I think it’s a new sound for me, something people aren’t necessarily used to hearing. It’s one of those risky records. It just happened to work in our favor.”

T.I.’s highly anticipated album “Paper Trail” drops Sept. 30. T.I. will also be starting in a new film, “Bone Deep” which is an action drama alongside actors Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Jay Hernandez and others.


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