Celebrity Mishaps: Jermaine Dupri’s Restaurant Closes

Jermaine Dupri’s restaurant Cafe Dupri has closed it doors forever last week. Jermaine Dupri’s mother, Tina Mauldin, felt it was a “business decision” to close down the buck head restaurant. Workers weren’t notified about the closing of the restaurant, left confused why it was even closing.

I guess money troubles were the diminishing the business because workers had complained for weeks about bounced checks and bank notices of insufficient funds. Some employees came to work even after utilities were shut off.  When they asked Tina Mauldin why worker’s weren’t receiving their checks here’s what she had to say “maybe if the employees had worked harder, Cafe Dupri would still be open.”

Not a good look JD.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Mishaps: Jermaine Dupri’s Restaurant Closes”

  1. in the words of flav: woooow

    been there once, there were alright. interesting it shot down. I remember last yr trying to figure out what night it was hot like at Justins, or what time it closed, then we just gave up.

  2. I liked his spot. They had this dish I think it was called Tomato’s Dupri and I loved it. Okay fried green tomatoes with hollandaise sauce, spicy crawfish and asiago cheese….I sound like a fat ass right, oh well I could eat that sh!t everyday

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