Designer Tags: Tiffany & Co. Diamond Encrusted Phone

Tiffany & Co and Japan mobile phone carrier Softbank Mobile have teamed up to release this fashionable diamond encrusted phone. The diamond-studded handset is currently in stores and cost about $94,000. Don’t think you’ll have luck finding it in the U.S. Right now, It’s only available in Japan.

The phone has 400 diamonds on it, which totals up to a mighty 20 carats. While your not distracted by all those diamonds, you’ll be happy to know the device features 3G for blazing speeds on the super fast data network of Japan’s Softbank Mobile network.

The Tiffany’s & Co. diamond encrusted phone actually wouldn’t top the list as World Most Expensive Phone. The Goldvish Le Million actually takes the lead and the price for that phone is 1.3 million. The device is so exclusive only three models have been made.

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