Bernie Mac’s Funeral

Information about comedian Bernie Mac’s funeral have been available to the public yesterday. 

Funeral services for Bernie Mac will be held this Saturday at noon at the House of Hope at 752 E. 114th St. in Chicago. The memorial is open to the public. Bernie Mac was loved and will be missed by many. All those who want to send gifts or tokens in his honor may send them to the Bernie Mac Foundation for Sarcoidosis, 40 E. 9th St., Suite 601, Chicago, IL 60605.


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  1. I really loved Bernie Mac I grew up tripping off his stand up shows. There are no reasons in this world to even try to judge a man who can do all the big hearted things he has done in his life time. People seem to want to drag his good name through the mud, but there is only one God one Faith, and one Baptism. We have no idea what was in his heart in his last days so I fill all who are judging should take a good look in your own backyards and see how much mess is really something you want brought out on you. Let his family please do thier greiving in peace and with the thoughts of who he was and what he stood for A very Great Fan And I wish I had , had a chance to have been his Friend . With Love MICHELLE


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