Hitting The Streets: New Images Of The BlackBerry Javelin/ Other BlackBerry Updates

New leaked pictures of the BlackBerry Javelin, have been passed around the net yesterday. I figured I post this, because their seems to be a lot more updates on the BlackBerry Bold & BlackBerry Javelin.

My last post on the BlackBerry Bold I stated, “The Blackberry Bold will hit AT&T in July for $300, T-Mobile in September for $350, and Verizon and Sprint also in September for $300 all with a 2 year contract.” well things have changed since then. Right now, it’s looking like the BlackBerry Bold will be released more like mid August to early September. As far as, the BlackBerry Javelin, look out for it to be released sometime after the BlackBerry Bold.

For all you T-Mobile people, the BlackBerry KickStart will be available in September for a cheap $50 bucks with a standard 2-year contract. Not bad!

Oh Yeah, For all you Verizon peeps, the BlackBerry Thunder won’t be released for another 4-5 months after the Bold’s release.

I know a lot of people had their hopes up for that Bold. Don’t worry though because it’s coming! If it makes you feel better you can have updates on the BlackBerry Bold sent to your email. Sign up on AT&T’s website by clicking here.

If you have any more questions leave them in the comments and I’ll see if I can answer them.


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