Hitting The Streets: Apple iPhone App Store

Exciting news for both iPod touch and iPhone users! The long awaited Apple “App” store is finally here. Both iPod touch and iPhone users can now download applications straight to their devices. The App store contains a widespread of applications, a user can opt to use free applications such as AIM, Myspace mobile, Facebook mobile, or purchase games such as Super Monkey Ball, Enigmo, Texas Hold’em etc.

In order to take advantage of the applications and all other 2.0 features, you need to update your version of iTunes to version 7.7 and update your first-generation iPhone or iPod Touch to 2.0 firmware. The firmware isn’t free it will cost you $10 bucks. Only problem is, their is a problem with the link that Apple provided making the update temporarily unavailable.

It has been a crazy day for Apple today. Many sources have reported Activation servers being down, which makes it impossible for iPhone 3G customers to activate their brand new iPhone. This isn’t the best move made by Apple. Let’s see what they can do to keep their customers happy!

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