Celebrity Mishaps: Holyfield’s House Foreclosure

Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield has gotton his hands tied up with past due child support payments and his mansion in Fayette County, Georgia is under forclosure this guy is really having some financial troubles. The mother of Evander Holyfield’s 10-year-old son says he has missed two child-support payments. Court Petition says he owns $6,000. Reps of Evander made told the mother not to expect the payments of $6.000 total for May & June.

Irvin’s attorney, Randy Kessler made a statement saying:

“It wasn’t so much that he didn’t pay. She was told they didn’t know if she would be paid at all.”

Evander’s mansion in Fayette County, Georgia is under foreclosure. The home is worth $10 million is set to be auctioned by Washington Mutual Bank on July 1. Holyfield has also been sued by a consulting company for not paying back a $550,000 loan.

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