Diddy Rents The Maraya, A $51 Million Yacht.

Music mogul Diddy, rented out the Maraya while in Cannes. The Maraya is a 54 meter megayacht which was released a couple of months ago. The yacht was built by CRN YACHTS Ancona in 2007 and sleeps 12 guests in six state rooms.

The Mirror, was lucky enough to board the yacht for Diddy’s star-studded Daylight To Daybreak party. Diddy was really ballin’ on the yacht. One of the reporter’s mentioned the conversation they had until they were interrupted by one of his assistants.

Just as we start to chat, we’re interrupted by his team of assistants. It seems some gifts have arrived from uber-posh shop Hermes – 15 bags of them. So Diddy has a nonchalant look over them as his staff carefully arrange them on the lower deck.

During one gathering, guests were asked to remove their stilettos to protect the thick, cream-colored carpets. The living area features creamy leather sofas accented with pillows. Giant jars of dried apricots adorn the mantelpieces and books about Africa are displayed on tables.

The Maraya, currently runs for 33 million but when converted to USD it comes out to $51 million.



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