Coming Down The Road: 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Aston Martin definitely did right when they upgraded their V8 Vantage. The 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage will have a larger V8 engine with more power, better fuel economy, better transmissions and suspensions, and a totally revamped interior sits inside this beautiful car.

The Aston Martin 2009 V8 Vantage took a big leap from the 4.3 liters to a  4.7 liters for an 11% increase in power to 420 bhp and a 15% increase in torque to 347 lb-ft. On top of that fuel economy has been improved by 13%. Both optional transmissions have been upgraded as well, with the 6-speed manual getting a modified clutch and flywheel, and the Sportshift automatic has been programmed to provide smoother shifts.

The suspension has been slightly upgraded with stiffer spring rates, improved steering geometry and stiffer bushings in the front suspension to improve handling.

The interior has been revamped with a new center console finished in graphite silver as well as an ECU that replaces the standard key. Another perk is that the new 19’in wheels are now available.



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